5 Industries that Should Use Video Marketing to Their Advantage

5 Industries that Should Use Video Marketing to Their Advantage

Video has become one of the lynchpins of any strong and viable marketing strategy in almost every industry.

With its superpower to delight and inform, video can both tell a brand’s story in an easily digestible and enjoyable way AND reach marketing goals – quite a feat for industries that sell products the common consumer doesn’t always completely understand (or be interested in).

We could throw some stats at you proving all the compelling reasons why you need online video in your marketing strategy, but we only need to make one point: if you think video is big now, it’s only getting bigger. Every single industry – regardless of size, product, location, or audience – is already or will very soon be using video to communicate.

In other words, do you want to be ahead of the curve, or playing catch-up?

Let’s take a look at a few industries where the power and versatility of video can enhance any industry’s marketing strategy. In doing this, we’ll pay special attention to interactive personalized video, a relatively recent video format that is already making huge gains – and we’ll even throw in a few how-to tips!

Healthcare: Health is wealth

To stay both competitive and provide top-quality care, healthcare providers need to leverage advanced technology and services that enhance patient engagement and access, drive revenue performance, and improve operational efficiency and outcomes.

As an efficient medium to convey complex information in an engaging way, video saves time, effort, and costs for payers, providers, and consumers alike, unlocking value within the entire healthcare ecosystem and helping meet the needs of all stakeholders.

How the healthcare industry can use video: Manage print statements and offer email and SMS communications. Easily digestible videos are a great way to help customers determine what healthcare plan is best for them and navigate the ins and outs of a complex system.


Finance: Mo’ money, less problems

As investing, banking, and financial planning have all gone digital, it can be easy for customers to feel they have absolutely no idea what is happening to their money once they hand it off to you. Technically it’s impressive, but financial institutions need to find ways to reach out to customers and maintain personal relationships before they lose customers.

And with investment and financial planning software that is wizard-like in its ability to take care of their funds automatically, your clients will appreciate – even demand – content that will let them learn more about who you are and what you’re doing with their hard-earned cash. Combining eye-grabbing visual and compelling scripts, videos tell meaningful stories that build an emotional connection with your brand that leads clients to trust you to handle their money

How the finance industry can use video: If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? IndiVideo can explain a complex financial statement in a short and engaging personalized 20-30 second video.


Marketing Agencies: Break the cycle

Agencies are familiar with long sales cycles and the steps involved in getting contracts signed. With constant pressure to stand out above your competitors who are having the same conversations with your customers, what is better than using video throughout the sales process to close more high-value customers.

Sure, video can help close more high-value customers, but with more competitors using more videos, agency marketers need a better edge for their video content.

Interactive personal video is that edge. A relatively new marketing technique that doesn’t just capture viewers’ attention but keeps it and nurtures it. By speaking directly to a customer’s needs, personalized video connects consumers with their favorite brands on a deeper, more personal level while boosting interest in new brands they are being introduced to.

How marketing agencies can use video: Introduce your hardworking team with an interactive ‘About Us’ video that shows how they go above and beyond to meet all your clients’ needs.


Real Estate: Home video is where the heart is

Whether it’s commercial, residential, or property, the real estate industry has relied on video for years, letting agents build a relationship through property walk-throughs to online ads.

But video’s potential in real estate is just beginning. Interactive personalized video platforms can highlight particular selling points of a property or give agents real-time updates when buyers watch a video so they can follow-up in a timely way.

How the real estate industry can use video: It’s now easy to virtually transport your audience to see a house down the street or in another city. Videos for real estate can be used for everything from outreach to social media, customer follow-ups to explainer videos for first-time buyers, and of course the ever popular property tours.


Telecommunications: Calling all marketers

Traditional “price war” approaches are a losing battle for telecoms providers. Precious resources are wasted, and revenue is left on the table as customers are pulled back and forth in an endless cycle of change.

Interactive personalized video (IPV) can help win the war for customers by creating powerful and engaging content tailored to the specific needs of customers throughout their journey, at scale and cost-effectively. A customer who feels that they are being heard and their needs are being met will engage more and churn less.

How the telecommunications industry can use video: Make bills more digestible, help customers pick the right plan, and find personalized entry points to upsell with eye-catching and informative videos.


The possibilities are endless.

Let us show you the power of personalized video marketing.

These are just a few examples of industries that can benefit from video marketing, but don’t think it ends here – EVERY industry can benefit from video marketing.

And as long as marketers and salespeople endeavor to communicate with customers – in a way that is authentic and engaging, and that drives action and spurs loyalty – there will be a need for personalized videos.

Regardless of industry, the effort-to-payoff ratio for personalized video marketing is huge. Video marketing is a powerful tool that saves you time and resources while stacking up a host of wins in a uniquely powerful format. Ultimately, personalized video benefits everyone, businesses, and customers alike. 


Take a minute and create your own video to see how it’s easy and can fit any industry’s needs. Try it today.

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