DUCA re-established their brand & increased deposits through an enhanced digital customer experience

DUCA re-established their brand & increased deposits through an enhanced digital customer experience

DUCA Re-Established their Brand & Increased Deposits Through an Enhanced Digital Customer Experience



Personalized videos offer a unique approach that is showing big results:

With those results, it’s not surprising that more industries are adding personalized video into their marketing and sales plans to offer enhanced digital customer experiences.

Here is how DUCA used personal videos to re-establish their brand and provide an enhanced digital customer experience.

Enhanced Digital Customer Experience

DUCA noticed a lack of customer involvement with their online services, a drop in new customers, and a decrease in deposits. In an effort to grow DUCA deposits and lending, they turned to BlueRush to create a strong brand identity, build trust, and find clear ways to communicate brand through digital marketing.

When the marketing team realized the need for an enhanced customer experience focusing on a digital marketing program, they took the approach to first define the DUCA brand differentiator. After capturing the many aspects that made them stand out and the value-add they offered customers, they had to determine what is the best way to communicate that to customers that would be clear and memorable.

Once they determined why customers should chose them, and examined the target market, it was decided a powerful omnichannel digital marketing campaign would be best to increase DUCA brand awareness.  They created personalized messages and media campaigns targeted to drive traffic to interactive web pages to increase brand affinity.

The online digital promotions, supported by a full suite of mobile-optimized text and display creative assets, including the online application process, could trigger automated personalized videos, emails, or phone calls to clients.

Weekly reporting and analysis allowed for optimized adjustments to identify potential opportunities.

The improved and simplified CX was shown to remove many of the barriers with lead generation. resulting in accelerated acquisition, referral and expansion initiatives.

The campaign ran for 90 days and shows the positive impact a company can achieve when they listen to what their customers are asking for and make an effort to deliver. The DUCA team was surprised at the significant increase in results in all areas. Customers were left understanding the DUCA value and within 4 weeks DUCA exceeded target deposit amounts and mortgage targets.

The 90-Day End Results:

  • Total deposits collected: 700 million
  • New contributing members per day: 110+
  • Ad impressions: 17 million
  • Microsite visitors: 50,000
  • New Leads: 14,000

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