Interactive Video for Non-Profits

Personalized Video for Non-Profits




Real-Time Interactive Personalized Video

The key to motivating donors and increasing contributions is engagement, and interactive personalized video for Non-Profits is proven to increase engagement across all metrics. IPV (Interactive Personalized Video) tells your story in a compelling manner so you can enhance your fundraising initiatives, from easily connecting with previous donors to thank them to providing video updates on how their donations make an impact.

IndiVideo lets you launch fundraising campaigns in a flash, with true personalization and embedded interactivity to create a dynamic online experience that makes people feel part of the solution and ready to donate.


Grow Fundraising and Donations

Make your next fundraising drive your best one yet by personalizing your request and addressing it directly to a potential donor.

Deploy IndiVideo across multiple channels (including websites, email, text, print, dynamic banner ads), so you can better spread your goodwill and reach a wider audience of potential donors.

In a succinct, visually appealing way, IPV shows people how their generosity is changing lives. With a personalized recap or year-in-review, supporters can see – with their own eyes – the difference they are making in the world.


Drive Donor Engagement

IPV lets you easily drive donor engagement outside of regular fundraising cycles. It’s so quick to create a video that you don’t have to only reach out to donors when you need something.

Instead, surprise and delight them throughout the year. Whether a personalized congrats to thank a monthly donor who reached their one-year anniversary or a quick update on how their donation is being allocated – simple, compelling reminders can help encourage donors to continue giving.

IndiVideo lets you start building a deeper, more authentic connection that turns one simple donation into a lifelong relationship.


Watch The Power of IndiVideo

The core purpose of IndiVideo is to equip marketing and sales teams with the ability to create and send personalized videos quickly and easily at scale.

Easy to produce, eye-catching and informative, interactive personalized video is at the heart of a frictionless digital journey and a lifelong relationship between lenders and borrowers.

Leading brands in banking, insurance, real estate, and other industries are using IndiVideo to reach new customers, manage key moments in their customer journey, and always ensure they stay one step ahead of the competition.

Leading global organizations are leveraging our interactive personalized video platform, IndiVideo, to transform the digital customer experience and drive significant ROI.

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