Interactive Video for the Mortgage Industry

Interactive Video for the Mortgage Industry

Real-Time Interactive Video for the Mortgage Industry

92% of mortgage borrowers research their options online before speaking to a lender and, now more than ever, expect top-notch digital experiences. But current mortgage tools and calculators often leave borrowers with a superficial or confusing digital customer experience that leads to high abandonment and low conversion rates.

Interactive video for the mortgage industry cuts through the noise of half-baked digital solutions. By simplifying complex concepts, directly engaging borrowers about what matters most to them, and streamlining the overall mortgage buying journey, personalized video enriches the customer experience to help customers make the biggest loan decision of their lives.

Drive Customer Acquisitions

A great digital CX starts right away, so use personalized video to kickstart your acquisition process!

After calculating how much they can borrow, customers watch a personalized video that breaks down key figures like interest rates, monthly payments, and repayment terms.

Or they can answer a few questions embedded in an interactive video to determine the best mortgage for their unique situation. Versatile, IndiVideo lets you either add a personalized video to existing mortgage calculators or directly integrate the calculator into the video itself.


Streamline the Customer Journey

From first quote to onboarding – and then all the way to end-of-term – personalized video can be leveraged at each stage of the mortgage buying journey to make borrowing easy and enjoyable, for everyone.

Visual storytelling simplifies complex information in an engaging way, so personalized videos leave customers better informed and with memorable experiences in a way that directly meets both their financial needs and digital preferences.

Easy to produce, eye-catching and informative, interactive personalized video is at the heart of a frictionless digital journey and a lifelong relationship between lenders and borrowers.


Increase Retention

Tailor personalized videos to anticipate and answer common questions based on individual needs. This not only increases customer understanding of complex financial information, like escrow analyses or repayment options, but nurtures a 1:1 customer experience.

Knowing what information customers expect engages them directly, increasing retention to help stop churn, reduce call center contact, and build the trust that goes into continually improving the digital experience.

Proven to better engage customers, IndiVideo has seen a 90% customer satisfaction rating when interactive personalized video was applied to monthly pension statements.


Watch The Power of IndiVideo

The core purpose of IndiVideo is to equip marketing and sales teams with the ability to create and send personalized videos quickly and easily at scale.

Easy to produce, eye-catching and informative, interactive personalized video is at the heart of a frictionless digital journey and a lifelong relationship between lenders and borrowers.

Leading brands in banking, insurance, real estate, and other industries are using IndiVideo to reach new customers, manage key moments in their customer journey, and always ensure they stay one step ahead of the competition.

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